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An Acolyte is part of the vested ministry team that will help lead the congregation in worship. Vestments are worn to symbolize that we are not representing ourselves in this role but that we are representing all the members of the congregation. It further demonstrates that we are leaders in worship.

Acolytes must be baptized and have the desire to be an Acolyte. The Acolyte Guild is open to any member of Epiphany entering the second grade or older. The commitment of an Acolyte is RESPECT.

  • Respect God by serving with joy and dignity.
  • Respect others by honoring the time commitments you have made.
  • Respect self by understating you are an important person with an important role.
All youth Acolytes of Epiphany must come to practice each year before being scheduled to serve. There are two practices in August for you to choose from. During the year practice is held on the second Tuesday of September, October, November, February, March and April.
  • We carry the Word of Christ [grades 2 - 4 carry the Gospel Book].
  • We carry the Light of Christ [grades 5 - 8 carry the Torches].
  • We carry the Cross of Christ [grades 9 - 12 carry the Cross].

Grades 9 - 12, who have been confirmed, are privileged to become a First Server [a waiter at Christ's Holy Banquet Table]. All confirmed who wish to become a 1st Server must come to a special 1st Server practice each year before being scheduled to 1st Serve.

Parents are always welcome to attend practice and are encouraged to do so. Your help and support is very much appreciated

Contact Acolyte Warden Will Symonds through the church office at 713.774.9619.

December 2014 Schedule (Right-Click to Download)

Acolyte Manual (Right-Click to Download)